oracle reading

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gift yourself an oracle reading with anna.

totally unique to you and corresponding to your intention, the reading will provide that which is in your highest and best to be illuminated in accord with divine law.

tuning into the combination of anna's higher guidance and your own, she will channel significant information and messages for you and intuitively select a group of oracle cards that bring further messages, insight, and clarity around your intentions and questions.

in the personal session:

anna shares with you all the information that comes through your reading and answers any questions you may have <3

the reading takes place about 30 minutes before the timing of your session.

. . .

length of session | 30 min

* once scheduled, by contacting anna with info provided after checkout, you will receive a link to a zoom meeting <3

* please create clear intentions on what you would like insight into and share with anna when you contact her to schedule your session <3

* a video recording of the session will be emailed to you promptly afterwards along with an image of your card spread and corresponding information /description for each card <3

people are saying:

'Sitting with & receiving Anna’s beautiful gifts & sacred wisdom was absolutely divine. She holds such a radiant & special container. It felt like I was reconnecting with a dear sister who was holding me in my highest light, turning up the brightness on my path so I could see clearer & take my next steps with greater confidence & trust. I had multiple moments of unexpected tears of gratitude that have & continue to give me the courage to keep moving through what at times has felt almost too heavy to move. There were so many reaffirming messages.'

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