about ak studio:

ak studio is an offering of jewelry, art, and objects by anna korte.

divine mysticism and cosmic law are themes often expressed in her creations.

since 2008, ak studio has existed to inspire beauty, peace and personal empowerment.

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about anna:

anna korte is an artist and designer guided by her inner sight.

she's received visions since she was a child and now creates work inspired by them.

with time, these abilities have expanded and she regularly sees a variety of visions (clairvoyance), hears messages (clairaudience) and spontaneously knows things about the future or significant situations (claircognizance).

this describes her natural skill for spiritual advising and support in the development of multi-dimensional self-knowing + self-creation.

native to the high desert of northern arizona,
anna currently creates from her home studio in the coastal jungle of south florida <3

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from the ak gallery archives :