connecting you to you

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gift yourself a connecting you to you session with anna.

allow anna to guide you, within this personal session, into a full and expansive connection with your soul-self and the creation of an eternal link to your inner touchstone.

this exploration and activation includes guided visualization, sacred breath, and sound to achieve the manifestation of the pro-found connection between you and You <3

positive benefits of connecting you to you:

  • high-self & soul-self connection
  • inner-strength, sovereignty, and discernment
  • the recall and embodiment of your home frequency
  • a palpable feeling of real homecoming
  • increased intuition, clarity, and inner knowing
  • empowerment and natural confidence
  • brings peace, calm, and balance to all levels of your being
  • ease and security within and about yourself and beingness

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length of session | 30 min

* once scheduled, by contacting anna with info provided after checkout, you will receive a link to a zoom meeting <3

* a video recording of the session will be emailed to you promptly <3

people are saying:

'My activation is accelerating & life continues to unfold in divinely magical ways. I see things with more joy, clarity, & sovereign discernment. I am beyond grateful for Anna embodying her Sacred gifts & sharing them which have supported me on my own path of remembering, healing, expansion, & transformation.'

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