intuitive guidance + oracle reading

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a one on one intuitive guidance session with anna + an oracle reading to open the session. the unfolding will be unique to you, based on your intention and will provide that which is in your highest and best at the divine timing of your session. bring anything that you'd like insight upon or transformation around.
the session will include various types of guidance, healing, and channeled information lead by a combination of both your own and anna's higher guidance - bringing clarity and numerous levels of support. includes toning and/or light language activations.

anna opens the session with your oracle reading:

in advance of your session, anna is guided to select an oracle card for you and then channels through, with the combination of her own and your higher guidance, that which is in the highest and best for you to know in the divine timing of your session. at the opening of the session, she will begin with sound (toning) to open a clear and high vibrational container for which we enter into for session.

please allow 5-10 minutes for this opening, and then we’ll address whatever you’d like for our remaining time together.

a recording of the session will be emailed to you afterwards.

length of session | 45 min

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