chroma collection

a collection of iridescent and prismatic interior art objects and sun catchers

inspired by the vesica piscus: an ancient geometric symbol representing the origin of light and symbolizing the electromagnetic spectrum

left: 6 inch half-crystal ellipse $70 - manifest
right: 6 inch full-crystal ellipse $70 -manifest


a demonstration of the refraction of light when sunlight passes through the crystal styles

left: 12 inch half-crystal ellipse $136 - manifest
right: 12 inch full-crystal ellipse: $136 - manifest


left: 6 inch half-iridescent ellipse $62 - manifest
right: 6 inch full-iridescent ellipse $62 - N/A


a closer view of the iridescent film - never the same color twice, always with a unique expression depending on the light in the room 


left: 12 inch half-iridescent ellipse $124 - manifest
right: 12 inch full-iridescent ellipse $124 - N/A


left: lightwave window pendant $120 - manifest
right: large radiant mobile $298 - manifest 


left: detail of large radiant mobile
right: detail of chromatic window pendant


left: chromatic window pendant $132 - manifest
right: small radiant mobile $84 - manifest